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only one chance

Two thousand years ago, a unique man named Jesus Christ of Nazareth emerged from the chaos of human existence with a profound message of hope and human redemption. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God, lived a perfect life, performed incredible miracles, proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God and ultimately died on a Roman cross for the sins of His people. He rose again from the dead to give anyone who would sincerely turn from their sins and place their faith in Him eternal life.

Jesus Christ is alive today and the Gospel is true. Since I gave my life to the Lord, I exist to know the God of the universe and to make Him known. That includes wanting to see 6 billion people come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. John 17:3 says, “This is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” and Romans 10:14 declares, “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed, how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard, and how shall they hear without a preacher?”

According to Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, “Only two percent of believers in America regularly share their faith in Christ with others.” For a true Christian, that cannot be. One of the most exciting aspects of being a believer is telling other people about the Lord of your life. I want to encourage you, challenge you, and equip you to reach both friends and strangers for Jesus. What could be more important? Be bold for what you believe! We only have one chance at this thing called life, so let’s redeem it by telling others about the One who paid the ultimate price.

Until the nets are full,

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Mark Spence is the Dean of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's School of Biblical Evangelism where he currently administers to about 10,000 students. He has served as the Head of the Calvary Chapel Bible College and the School of Discipleship in Yorba Linda, California.

Mark’s passion is to equip Christians for effective personal evangelism for the Glory of God. His training is very comprehensive and he has a strong Biblical foundation. He teaches in such a way that makes it easy for the average Christian to put into everyday practical use.

Mark has been the personal assistant to Ray Comfort for nearly a decade.

He is a gifted expositor of God's word, and resides in Southern California with his wife and their five children.


what others are saying

"I am often asked to write introductions for different people, and I find myself spending time thinking of words of praise for them. Not so with Mark Spence. A string of words immediately come to mind--faithful, servant, funny, honest, and God-fearing. He is also an experienced and gifted Bible expositor, and he's utterly faithful to the evangelistic teaching of The Way of the Master. If you put him in your pulpit, he will not only challenge your people but he will thoroughly equip them to reach the lost."
Ray Comfort
Author / TV Host

"Mark Spence is not only a friend, but he's the dean of The Way of the Master School of Biblical Evangelism and a gifted minister of the gospel. His wit and wisdom will excite and inspire your people."
Kirk Cameron
Actor / Author / TV Host

"Mark Spence is faithful to the Scriptures, cares deeply about the growth of his brothers and sisters in Christ, and has tremendous passion for reaching those that don't know the Lord. I am so impressed with Mark's ability to preach the Word, and teach the Word with great zeal, wisdom, and clarity. I believe that Mark is ready in season and out of season, to talk about the gospel of salvation with whomever, wherever."
Dave Pasch
ESPN and NFL Broadcaster

"Mark is a bold Christian on the front lines who finds a way to make things happen. His ability to step out of his comfort zone and accomplish things for God has changed my family's life. I thank God for him."
Candace Cameron Bure 
Actress / Speaker

"Passionate. Fresh. And best of all…Biblical. Your congregation won’t groan when they discover there is a guest preacher, they will thank you. Mark will leave your flock challenged to share their faith like never before. More than that, they will actually learn HOW to share their faith, Biblically, confidently, the Way of the Master."
Todd Friel
TV / Radio Host

"Mark Spence is a uniquely gifted Bible teacher whose passion for souls and love for God's Word make him an extremely effective communicator in the area of Biblical evangelism. Having had the privilege of co-laboring with Mark for several years, I have had the opportunity to benefit from his insightful instruction, as well as be inspired by his consistent, godly lifestyle that matches what he preaches."
Emeal Zwayne (E.Z.)
Vice President / General Manager
Living Waters Publications / The Way of the Master

"I remember the day when Mark went to the front of the line at a publicity event for my son Kirk [Cameron]. God's timing is always perfect and it was Mark's boldness and obedience that put the most important message into the hands of my son. Our family's lives have forever changed and we are grateful to Mark! Since that day, I have come to love the heart of this man. He is a gifted writer with a heart for the lost and a love for the Lord. His knowledge, Evangelical insight is profoundly effective as he is able to connect with the common person. Mark has a wonderful sense of humor.  He has been used mightily by the Lord and I'm blessed by his message of hope."
Barbara Cameron
Author / Speaker

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is being assailed by those inside and outside the faith community. Sadly, with the attack comes an apparent willingness of segments of the body of Christ to compromise the clear and complete presentation of the Law and the Gospel. As a missionary and evangelist, I want to surround myself with people who are committed to furthering the Kingdom of Christ, through the unashamed and uncompromising proclamation of the gospel. I want to work with them. I want to learn from them and I want to be challenged and emboldened by their obedient witness. In the law enforcement community, we count on our brothers and sisters behind the badge to provide us with 'back-up.' Those of us called to full-time missions and evangelism likewise count on our brethren for 'back-up.' I consider Mark Spence to be such a person--someone I would call for 'back-up' and someone for whom I am honored to provide the same."
Chaplain Tony Miano
Ten-Four Ministries

"When I think of someone who loves the Lord and loves his fellow man enough to tell him about the Lord, I think of Mark Spence. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for several years now and I can say without hesitation that he is a man of integrity and truth, unafraid of telling both non-Christians and Christians alike what they need to know about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is very gracious and kind as he shares his faith with non-Christians, while at the same time being bold and forthright with the facts as presented in the Bible. He is also an effective and entertaining teacher of Christians, equipping and encouraging them to reach out to the lost while there is still time. I can't say enough about Mark, but I will end with this - no one who encounters Mark Spence walks away without having benefited from the encounter, not because of Mark himself, but because of the Christ-centered message that he gives and the Christ-like manner in which he gives it."
Larry Lee
Down to Earth Ministries

"I know his past. I have known his family. I have known his struggles. Here is a man who is unswervingly committed to his Savior, and free from the shackles of religion. Over the years he has many times over represented Jesus Christ's continual presence in my life, and shown me how to be a faithful fisher of men."
Craig Bruyn
Student Minister, Temple Baptist

“I believe the most important trademark a minister can have besides the sovereign call of God upon his life is character developed by the influence and nurturing of godly mentors. The evidence that one is chosen and ordained of God to minister is found not in their ability or gifting alone, but by their character and their willing obedience to endure the trials that come with such a call. When I asked Mark Spence to speak at ‘The Way of the Master Conference’ recently, it was because I wanted everyone to hear from the man who has spent years behind the scenes assisting Ray Comfort in the trenches of evangelism. I anticipated the obvious, that Mark with his experience would be a gifted minister and eloquent speaker, but I also saw in Mark the rare and priceless jewels of genuine humility, meekness, and character that has no doubt been formed through trials, tribulations, and men of God he has submitted himself to. I highly recommend Mark Spence and his ministry.”
Rev. Chris Curry, Director
LWP Canada

"It has been my pleasure to know Pastor Mark Spence for the past 8 years. As a Senior Pastor, there is no one I would rather have share with my church than Pastor Mark. Mark has the unique ability to stir up Christians and to light a fire in the believers for lost souls that I have not seen in any other Pastor. Evangelism is God's passion, and Pastor Mark will encourage any congregation to get out into the harvest fields and share the gospel! I highly recommend Pastor Mark Spence, and guarantee you that you and your group will be encouraged, challenged, and blessed to hear what God has to say through this gifted man."
Mike Vincent
Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel Rosarito

"Who is Mark Spence?"
Billy Graham

"Of the four boys I brought into the world, Mark was one of them."
Evelyn Spence (aka: mom)

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about mark

Mark’s passion is to equip Christians for effective personal evangelism for the Glory of God. He is a gifted expositor of God's word, who has been the Dean of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's School of Biblical Evangelism for a number of years, as well as Ray Comfort's personal assistant for nearly a decade.